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Funeral Service Malaysia is an information website that are created to for sharing of information on everything related to funeral services and we hope all our visitors can share their opinions by leaving a comment. As you all know, Malaysia is a multi-racial country, which has multicultural and multilingual that make it a unique country. When come to funeral ceremony, it is widely influenced by their own cultures and believes. Every religions such as Islam, Tao’s, Buddhist, Hinduism, Christian, and etc will have their own set of rules and customary. Thru the time evolve, many new generation of Malaysian might not have sufficient knowledge into all these customary requirements for each religions. And imagine if without funeral service provider, losing someone you love is already very painful and yet you have to handle and arrange so many items for the funeral. This is where funeral services come into the picture to advise, help and manage the funeral  ceremony on behalf of the family members of the deceased.

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Normally, the two most common burial ways in Malaysia are burials and cremation, while the last resting spot is ordinarily a community cemetery or a memorial park which offer more beautiful landscapes, organized and cleaner. There are also some people who prefer to scatter the ashes  into the sea, like Pulau Perhentian area and etc. I did have a friend where her dad wishes was to scatter his ashes into the sea, and the family member will kept a bit of the ashes in a small bottle. Whereby for my grandma, she preferred to be buried in the ground. Thus, sometimes it is back to the deceased wishes on their last journey which we have to respect if possible.

After a person passed away, there are many things need to be done like informing the National Registration Department, settling when the burial service will be held, what type of coffin or tombstone, where the perished will be let go and also regardless of whether an eulogy should be distributed, among different subtle elements. Some of all these arrangement and decision can be made in much earlier. But we might lack of information of what to do, how to do and also who to call on that day to arrange the funeral service.

Funeral Service Malaysia website is created as an information portal to provide all the information related to funeral ceremony, and as a community sharing site which we hope people can share their views and reviews on the comment here. So everyone can be benefited from it.

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